Thimayya and Thimayya (2022) Kannada Movie Review

Promotion producer turned-chief Sanjay Sharma’s Thimayya and Thimayya is a self-contradicting and straightforward story that dives into the charming excursion of a granddad grandson relationship. At first, we are acquainted with Vincy Thimayya, and his commitment with Sowmya (Shubra Aiyappa). The plot starts off when Vincy meets his granddad Senior Thimayya (Anant Bother) following 30 years.

Thimayya and Thimayya (2022) Kannada

Junior Thimayya plans to sell his familial properties in Madikeri and Bengaluru, and needs to settle abroad with Soumya. While everything will design, his uncle endows him with the obligation of dealing with Senior Thimayya for a very long time. Played by Anant Bother, the person is indiscreet and foolish. He is obstinate and frequently makes issues. Will the grandson set up with the granddad’s demeanor for quite a long time? The grandson’s romantic tale, and the distinctions between the three significant characters make for a retaining watch. There is likewise an equal string about Vincy’s neighbor, Jyotsana (Aindrita Beam), who is living with her mom. How Jyotsana helps in associating the two Thimayyas accompanies an endearing message.

The scenes including Vincy and his closest companion Andy (Vineet Blare Kumar), as well as his exchange with the overseer Jaganna (Prakash Thuminad) offer a few interesting minutes. Then again, there are inspiring minutes including Anant Bother.

Sanjay, in his presentation highlight film outing, has attempted to grandstand the feelings between a granddad and his grandson from an alternate perspective. The film likewise discusses advanced age, and returns us to adolescence, and how both should be dealt with. The senior’s liquor addiction influences his disposition and how Vincy, alongside Andy and Jaganna, handles his pompous conduct frames one more necessary piece of the story.

In the last part, a fascinating situation unfurls in a pastry shop that has been claimed by the family starting around 1968. On the other side, the run time is a significant dampener. The story voyages flawlessly in the primary half and dials back into the last option. Anoop Seelin’s experience score is the most grounded aspect of Thimayya and Thimayya. Cinematographer Balakrishna Thota shows his dominance of filling each casing with clear symbolism.

With Sanjay getting the projecting right, Thimayya and Thimayya is the fifth coordinated effort between Anant Bother and Diganth. As granddad and grandson, the team share perfect on-screen flows. Exclusively, such jobs have been Diganth’s specialty and he conveys this job easily as somebody who is noticeably disappointed but, a mindful grandson as well. Shubra legitimizes her job, and Aindrita pulls off a full grown job with a ton of appeal. Most importantly, Anant sparkles with his muddled depiction of a presumptuous drunkard. The unbelievable entertainer, in his 70s, still endeavors to consummate the craft of playing complex characters.

To summarize everything, Thimayya and Thimayya is certainly an ideal family watch.

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