Panchathantram (2022) Telugu Movie Review

‘Panchathantram’ is a film treasury. It spins, as the title recommends, around five stories let by a resigned representative know who chooses to seek another profession – composing. The 60 or more Veda Vyas, played by Brahmanandam, recounts five stories attached to the subject of five detects – Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Contact – at a challenge where growing scholars are called to portray their accounts. 

Disappointed by work and unremarkable life, a product representative (Naresh Agastya) in Hyderabad wishes to ‘see’ the ocean side. The youth jumps all over the chance to give a show to a client in Puducherry, a coastline city. What feelings does his most memorable sight of the ocean side inspire?

Panchathantram (2022) Telugu Movie Review

Subash (Rahul Vijay), a young person, dismisses every one of the partnerships his folks bring him since he views them as young ladies, not ladies. He hesitantly consents to meet Lekha (Shivatmika Rajasekhar), and the gathering prompts him to think back about his most memorable love and the ‘flavor’ of Badam milk he had in school.

A restless dad (Samuthirakani), worried about his girl’s protected conveyance, experiences a surprising issue when she is anticipating her most memorable youngster. He begins to see a bizarre scent (smell).

Sekhar (Vikas) and Devi (Divya Sripada) get their marriage going optimistically, yet they before long run into an issue. The lady is determined to have disease while pregnant with her most memorable kid. Will her significant other, who can’t bear the cost of the treatment, surrender trust or battle to save her?

Chitra (Swathi Reddy), a deadened essayist, digitally broadcasts stories expected for kids. The tales Chitra tells spellbind a little kid in Kodada. The young lady can’t rest except if she hears the accounts. Chitra is shocked by the disclosure when she goes to Kodada to meet her fan.

The new chief, Harsha Pulipaka, has given the tales a wonderful quality. There are just two stories out of the five he told that truly stick out, and the two of them end up being the ones he told toward the end. In any case, his sensibilities are great. Both Chitra’s “CassetteTales” episode and Sekhar and Devi’s “contacting” story are great. There are a couple of convincing scenes in Samuthirakani’s smell episode, yet the story delays excessively lengthy. This story would have been more compelling with some sharp altering.

Sadly, the initial not many parts don’t actually get moving.

Brahmananandam, a carefully prepared jokester, carries gravitas and legitimacy to his serious job among the cast. Superb work by Swathi Reddy in her double jobs. She jumps all over the opportunity in her job as Chitra. Divya Sripada and Vikas both work really hard to rejuvenate their characters. Samuthirakani gives a persuading execution as a stressed father.

Shivathmika Rajasekhar figures out how to catch our advantage with her appearances.

The photography is great. The music is fitting.

Primary concern: The five stories that makeup “Panchathantram” are completely associated by the possibility of the five detects. A slick exertion! Of the five stories, two stick out. It is a specialty film.

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