Mukhachitram Telugu (2022) Movie Review


Raj (Vikas Vasista), a plastic specialist, weds Mahati, a Vijayawada young lady (Priya Vadlamani). His ex Maya (Ayesha) is in a mishap, and her face is disfigured. Raj remakes her face utilizing his careful abilities, and she currently closely resembles Mahati. How? What has been going on with Mahati?

Mukhachitram Telugu (2022)  Movie Review

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This film portrays a significant social issue that is as of now being discussed. That is… conjugal assault. Intercourse with one’s mate without the assent of the companion is viewed as conjugal assault. Up to this point, as a lawful issue, this has just been examined in the media and scholarly circles. “Mukhachitram” exposes this, and creator Sandeep Raj ought to be complimented for it.

Nonetheless, essayist Sandeep Raj (who recently coordinated the Public Honor winning film ‘Variety Photograph’) finds it hard to drive this point in a clear or natural way. There are various defects in the manner the story is dealt with.

The whole first half is enjoyed with the presentation of the characters. The primary half is about a young lady named Maya, and the story spins around her and the legend’s experience growing up affection, trailed by the legend’s union with Mahathi and their ensuing life.

Through a critical part of the film, we do not know concerning where the plot is going. On occasion it seems to be a heartfelt film, then as a spine chiller with plastic medical procedure as the subject, after that it transforms into a vengeance show, lastly winds up as a court show.

In spite of a few great turns, the story at last crashes and burns. The film loses its score because of its triviality. The primary point is Conjugal Assault. Be that as it may, this piece consumes little space. Furthermore, there is by all accounts disarray to essayist whether to end it as a retribution show by uncovering legend’s hazier side or give an obvious end result by carrying it to the court. Hence, it flops on the two counts.

With regards to exhibitions, entertainer Priya Vadlamani easily shows two varieties of her personality. She will benefit extraordinarily from this job. Vikas Vasista is compelling as the cruel person spouse. Vishwak Sen is inadequate as a legal counselor.

Kaala Bhairava’s music is unremarkable among the professionals.

Primary concern: Regardless of a socially pertinent subject, ‘Mukhachitram’ totally falls flat with its befuddling and unengaging story. The subject requirements more reasonable treatment

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