Matti Kusthi (2022) Telugu Movie Review

Matti Kusthi

The story starts with Keerthi’s (Aishwarya Lekshmi) family in Kerala. Their family finds it hard to track down a counterpart for her since she is a boss in Matti Kusti, a wrestling sport. She consents to see Veera (Vishnu Vishal), a provincial person from Andhra Pradesh, because of family pressure. Veera has been debased by the adverse impact of his uncle and companions. He is searching for a not spouse have an advanced education than him. He exited school after the eighth grade. His fantasy is for his better half to have long hair. Keerthi, an alumnus with short hair, lies about her schooling and dresses in a hairpiece. What’s more, they get hitched.

Matti Kusthi (2022) Telugu Movie Review

Matti Kusthi Review

“Matti Kusthi” alludes to the game of wrestling that is generally played on an unlevelled landscape. In any case, in contrast to Aamir Khan’s “Dangal” or Salman Khan’s “Ruler,” this film isn’t a games show. It’s to a greater extent a show between the spouse and husband. In this story, the male hero believes that his significant other should stay docile to him, while the female hero is a contender who is knowledgeable yet frustrated by family pressure.

From the start, the film plays out like a rustic satire from the ’90s, complete with the legend and his group’s misogynist suppositions and kids about the ladies in their lives.

Satire minutes proliferate too, similar to when our champion takes incredible measures to hide her short haircut from her significant other. That first night scene includes her terrible hairpiece, and the following episode includes her washing her hair and hairpiece off in the shower. Men are portrayed savoring the fields kidding about ladies and cowering when their spouses call. The main portion of the film is generally included such comedic schedules.

The most interesting pieces of the film happen before the break. The feature of the film is when Aishwarya Lekshmi plays out an accomplishment typically held for male heroes. These occasions warrant a show of approval.

Chella Ayyavu, the movie’s chief, plans to offer a strong expression about orientation uniformity. Hence, this interlude blast is his best second. Tragically, he can’t support the energy past that point.

The possibility that a kusthi match can unite an isolated a couple is essentially as unrealistic as Vijay Deverakonda’s session with Mike Tyson in “Liger.” Towards the peak, the legend’s battle with a wrestling trainer is comparably ludicrous.

Vishnu Vishal convincingly depicts resident’s job. He truly works effectively of acting. Also, he gives Aishwarya Lekshmi (particularly in the primary around 50% of) the stage to herself. In addition to the fact that Aishwarya gets an elegantly composed character, yet she likewise does her absolute best with it in the exhibition.

It’s a typical film concerning its specialized execution.

Main concern: Matti Kusthi, notwithstanding its strong message about orientation equality, is let somewhere near an outdated story and an immature last part. The film merits seeing in spite of its defects in view of Aishwarya Lekshmi’s demonstration and the message it tells.

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