Hit 2 Telugu (2022) Movie Review

Hit 2

Krishna Dev, otherwise called KD (Adivi Sesh), is a cop in Vizag who takes on a homicide case. His gathering uncovers the mangled group of Sanjana, a young lady working in a bar. The killer likewise killed three different ladies notwithstanding Sanjana, as KD and his group before long find through their examination.

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As he draws nearer to the chronic executioner in his examination, he puts the existence of his better half (Meenakshi) at serious risk. Can KD recognize the genuine killer? Could he at any point safeguard her from the chronic executioner’s grasp?

Hit 2 Telugu (2022)  Movie Review

Hit 2 Review

“HIT” alludes to the Murder Intercession Group. The primary portion, featuring Vishwak Sen, occurred in Hyderabad and zeroed in on the vanishing of a young lady (Telangana). HIT 2, the continuation, is set in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, and opens with the homicide of a young lady. Adivi Sesh, who has turned into the leading figure for top notch spine chillers in Telugu film, stars in the spin-off.

The narrative of “HIT 2” is standard charge for the class and elements a few shocks too. The preface and the chronic homicides are laid out from the get-go in the story’s most memorable demonstration. The preface keeps the crowd speculating until the finish to perceive how they (the primary killings and the principal scene) are connected. Sailesh Kolanu, the movie’s chief, utilizes this story gadget to keep up with interest and cleans it flawlessly.

Who did it, and for what reason did it work out? These are the focal inquiries at the core of any great spine chiller. The initial segment centers around the legend’s examination concerning who carried out the killings. In the last venture, we gain proficiency with the executioner’s inspiration and foundation. While the movie’s most memorable killer might be clear to certain watchers, the chief figures out how to keep them speculating until the film’s climactic third demonstration.

The realistic universe that this establishment needs is additionally made by Sailesh Kolanu. There are associations between Vishwak Sen’s case (the initial segment) and the ongoing homicide case. This cunning blend (like Lokesh Kanagaraju did with ‘Vikram’ by including references to ‘Khaidi) makes the film so captivating.

With the part of extrajudicial killing, the spine chiller takes a charming turn halfway through.

As has been referenced, Sailesh Kolanu generally adheres to the shows of the class and furthermore incorporates the standard distractions. Regardless of a few dull parts — like the sentiment among Meenakshi and Adivi Sesh or the communications between Adivi Sesh and the media — his firmly engaged story assists the film with arriving at its objective.

Parts of this spine chiller might be unsurprising for the people who watched a ton of thrill rides and chronic executioner films on OTT during the pandemic. Nonetheless, they don’t altogether weaken the film’s solidarity.

In spite of the class and plot requirements, chief Sailesh and lead entertainer Adivi Sesh figure out how to keep us intrigued. Adivi Sesh is awesome in the job of analyst. He’s a characteristic fit for the part. He is a genius at assuming such parts.

Entertainers Suhaas and Komalee stand apart among the rest. Meenakshii, the film’s courageous woman, is a level person. As is Rao Ramesh.

Cinematographer Manikandan’s capable work and supervisor Garry’s sharp cuts help the film massively. To really sweeten the deal, the score behind the scenes works superbly.

As an essayist and chief Kolanu shows his imprint. The film likewise finishes with the uncover about the third part.

Main concern: In general, “Hit 2” is a flawless examination thrill ride that takes full advantage of normal shows in the class. Notwithstanding minor issues, the film is connecting the entire way through. Yet again adivi Sesh shows his imprint. Furthermore, the establishment proceeds.

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