Gurthunda Seethakalam (2022) Telugu Movie Review

Gurthunda Seethakalam 

Satya Dev (Satya Dev) relates three heartfelt episodes that happened in his life to Divya (Megha Aakash), whom he met out traveling to Mangalore from Bengaluru. His most memorable love happened, typically, at his school. His second romantic tale with Amrutha (Kavya Shetty) began in school and went on until a couple of months prior.

Amrutha, a rich young lady, loves him however is worried about his monetary circumstance, and they in the long run head out in different directions. On the exhortation of his companions, he starts dating his partner Nidhi (Tamannah) and before long weds her.

Is his third relationship working out in a good way or would he say he is experiencing new challenges? For what reason would he say he is making a trip to Mangalore alone?

Gurthunda Seethakalam (2022) Telugu Movie Review

Gurthunda Seethakalam Review

A revamp of the Kannada heartfelt show “Love Mocktail” (2020),”Gurthunda Seethakalam” continues in the strides of “Naa Signature,” “Premam,” “Jaanu,” and others. It is a film about various love episodes in the hero’s life that endeavors to summon sentimentality. The oddity factor is deficient.

Luckily, “Gurthunda Seethakalam” keeps away from prosaic minutes by not zeroing in a lot on school love and school life. The story is separated into two sections: Satya Dev’s sentiment with Kavya Shetty and Satya Dev’s existence with Tamannaah. The previous is totally tedious, and the entertainers have no science with each other. Just the succession including SMS jokes is engaging. Notwithstanding, their romantic tale rapidly declines into a conflict of social classes and loses steam.

The last option segments – Satya Dev and Tamannaah – are genuinely fascinating, yet they are weighty on feeling.

The three romantic tales are not generally especially convincing. It’s difficult to comprehend the reason why the film was a film industry outcome in Kannada in any case.

Music is fundamental in Indian romantic tales. Melodies ought to be appealing and get your feet tapping. The melodies of Kaala Bhairava come up short on quality. Neither the story nor the specialized parts of the film make it beneficial to watch.

Satya Dev sparkles in the close to home scenes. He’s not ideal for the more youthful Dev. Going bare in one arrangement might have pushed Tamannaah to take on this job. In this job, she is persuading. Priyadarshi, Satya Dev’s companion, makes his presence felt. Author Lakshmi Bhupala makes some meaningful difference in two or three scenes. In any case, given the plot, the title of the film has neither rhyme nor reason.

Main concern: ‘Gurthunda Seethakalam,’ a revamp of a Kannada film, misses the mark on beneficial minutes. It’s effectively neglected.

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