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Christopher is an 2023 Malayalam Movie, directed by B. Unnikrishnan and Written by Udaykrishna. The film’s cinematographer is Faiz Siddik, the music supervisor is Justin Varghese, and the editor is Manoj. Mammotty, Vinay Rai, Aishwarya Lekshmi and Amala Paul in the lead roles.


Mammootty shoulders Christopher, in the most literal sense. Mammootty aces the role of an experienced cop but the writer wouldn’t feed him the meat. Vinay Rai playing the same bad guy, with the same past, has become tedious now. The ensemble includes Amala Paul, Sneha, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Shine Tom Chacko, etc. Shine’s act becomes unintentionally funny at times.

The first half justifies the tagline – “Biography of a Vigilante Cop” – a little too much. The entire portion consists of 4 rape cases and Christopher’s extra-judicial way of dealing with it. Now, this should get repetitive and tiring for everything falls under predictable lines. But the compact and sleek making help Christopher to an extent. The aspect ratio is a strong complimenting factor towards delivering an expected seriousness to the proceedings, that mayn’t be essentially on paper. But the second half is painfully shallow. A person with even lethargic cinematic knowledge could predict the film, to the dot. The climax is pure laugh stock. This one doesn’t have unbearable double-meaning comedies and that itself makes it a better outing than Aarattu! But that isn’t a great place to be either!

Justin Varghese’s Christophonk track EDM is a booster but the background score goes to 80s Hindi retro sounds for elevating its hero. Faiz Siddik’s cinematography is the most appealing aspect of Christopher. The length is tiring- not the editor’s fault but the writer’s.

Overall, Christopher is Unnikrishnan B’s attempt at making a troll-free film. But it requires more than avoiding Agent X! Wasting Mammootty in an underwhelming film is the right way to put it.

1Tamilmv Rating : 2/5

Movie Details

Directed by B. Unnikrishnan
Written by Udaykrishna
Produced by B. Unnikrishnan
Starring Mammotty, Vinay Rai, Amala Paul
Cinematography Faiz Siddik
Edited by Manoj
Music by Justin Varghese
Production companies RD Illuminations
Ott Release Date March 28 2023
Release date 9 February 2023
Running time 150 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam

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