Bad Newz: A Hilarious Tale of Unintended Parenthood


Release Date Bad Newz: Originally scheduled for July 19, 2024

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Language: Hindi

Duration: 2 hours 22 minutes

Director of Bad Newz: Anand Tiwari

Producers: Anand Tiwari, Hiroo Johar, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta

Writers: Ishita Moitra, Tarun Dudeja

Music: Anu Malik, Rochak Kohli, Vishal Mishra, Lijo George-DJ Chetas, Prem-Hardeep, Karan Aujla, Abhijeet Srivastava

Bad Newz

Cast of Bad Newz:

  • Vicky Kaushal as Akhil Chadha
  • Triptii Dimri as Saloni Sharma
  • Ammy Virk as Gurbir Singh
  • Neha Dhupia as Malini Sharma
  • Karan Aujla
  • Ananya Panday (cameo appearance)

About the Movie Bad Newz:

Bad Newz is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language comedy film that promises to deliver a unique. And uproarious take on heteropaternal superfecundation, a rare biological occurrence. Directed by Anand Tiwari and produced by Amazon Prime, Dharma Productions, and Leo Media Collective. The film draws inspiration from true events and serves as a spiritual sequel to Good Newwz (2019).

The story revolves around Saloni Sharma (Triptii Dimri).¬† Who finds herself in a hilarious predicament after becoming pregnant following one-night stands with two different men, Akhil Chadha (Vicky Kaushal) and Gurbir Singh (Ammy Virk). Matters escalate when Saloni learns she is pregnant with twins, each fathered by a different man due to the rare phenomenon of heteropaternal superfecundation. This revelation sets off a chaotic rivalry between Akhil and Gurbir as they compete for Saloni’s affections and the role of father to their respective children.

Bad Newz
Cast of the movie

Production Details:

Principal photography for Bad Newz began in March 2022 and concluded by July 2023. The film’s development and production were overseen by a talented crew including director Anand Tiwari and producers Hiroo Johar, Karan Johar, and Apoorva Mehta. The music, featuring tracks composed by Anu Malik, Rochak Kohli, Vishal Mishra, Lijo George-DJ Chetas, Prem-Hardeep, Karan Aujla, and Abhijeet Srivastava, promises to complement the film’s comedic narrative.


The film’s soundtrack includes the critically acclaimed singles “Tauba Tauba” by Karan Aujla and “Jaanam” by Vishal Mishra, which have been praised for their catchy tunes and energetic vibes.

Release Date:

Bad Newz has faced several delays and adjustments to its release schedule but is currently slated for theatrical release on July 19, 2024. Audiences eagerly anticipate its arrival, expecting a laughter-filled experience that explores the complexities of modern relationships in a uniquely comedic way.

In conclusion, Bad Newz promises to be a refreshing addition to the comedy genre, blending humor with heartfelt moments and an intriguing premise that challenges conventional norms of parenthood and love. With a stellar cast led by Vicky Kaushal, Triptii Dimri, and Ammy Virk, supported by a talented crew, the film is poised to captivate audiences with its witty storytelling and memorable performances.

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