Release Date Of Love Lies Bleeding

Release date of Love Lies Bleeding

Release Dates:

  • US: March 8, 2023
  • India: March 22, 2024

Language: English

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime

Duration: 1h 44min


“Love Lies Bleeding” delves into the thrilling tale of Lou, portrayed by the versatile Kristen Stewart, a gym manager whose life takes an unexpected turn when she falls for Jackie, a captivating bodybuilder played by Katy M. O’Brian. Their passionate romance is put to the test when Lou’s criminal father, portrayed by the legendary Ed Harris, casts a disapproving shadow over their relationship, threatening to unravel everything they hold dear.


  • Kristen Stewart delivers a compelling performance as Lou, infusing the character with depth and vulnerability.
  • Katy M. O’Brian captivates audiences as Jackie, the enigmatic bodybuilder who becomes the object of Lou’s affection.
  • Ed Harris brings his unparalleled talent to the screen as Lou’s disapproving father, adding layers of complexity to the story.
  • Jena Malone, Anna Baryshnikov, Dave Franco, Orion Carrington, Jerry G. Angelo, Tait Fletcher, Roger Ivens, David DeLao, and others round out the stellar cast, each contributing to the film’s immersive narrative.

Director: Rose Glass

Writers: Rose Glass and Weronika Tofilska collaborate to craft a gripping screenplay that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Cinematography: Ben Fordesman’s masterful cinematography captures the intensity and emotion of the story, immersing viewers in its atmospheric world.

Music: Clint Mansell’s evocative score enhances the film’s themes of love, betrayal, and redemption, elevating the viewing experience.

Producers: Andrea Cornwell and Oliver Kassman oversee the production, ensuring that “Love Lies Bleeding” delivers a cinematic journey filled with action, adventure, and intrigue.

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Production Companies: A24, Film4 Productions, Escape Plan, and Lobo Films collaborate to bring this gripping tale to life, promising audiences an unforgettable cinematic experience.


  • Audience Rating: 7.0/10


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