Why Google Bard AI is a Game-Changer: Top Benefits Explained

Google has introduced Google Bard AI as a competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Unfortunately, Bard’s initial debut was met with some criticism due to a factual error in its demo.

Uncover the advantages of Google Bard AI, the competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Despite this initial setback, the public beta release of Bard has revealed several promising features that could rival ChatGPT. By testing Bard we have discovered numerous ways it could benefit users as a creative AI chatbot. 

1. Realtime Data Using Google Search

We all are familiar with Google Search Engine, it is the world’s most popular search engine due to its consistently Accurate results. Users can reliably find the information they need. By utilizing Google Search results in its responses, Bard outperforms its competitors, even those not in direct competition, such as Bing Chat.

2. Voice Search

While there are some workarounds, ChatGPT does not have a built-in voice control feature. This is one area where Bard has an advantage over ChatGPT. With Bard, you can quickly speak a prompt by clicking the microphone icon in the text box.

3. Free Internet Access

Bard is easily connected to the internet by Google and is available for free. This means that Bard can search the web and collect relevant information on your behalf if needed. In contrast, ChatGPT requires a $20/month membership to use GPT-4 to access the internet.

4. Relevant Result to your location

One of the reasons Google Search is so effective is because its results are relevant to your location and context. For example, if you search for “Water Park near me” and suppose you are in the USA, then Bard will show all waterparks near You In the USA Not outside of your location.

5. Drafts feature

The “View Other Drafts” feature is a unique feature that is not found in other AI chatbots Like ChatGPT. For Every prompt, Bard automatically generates at least three responses and presents the one it believes best. You can quickly view and compare the other drafts to determine which response is most appropriate. 


Even encountering initial criticism due to a factual error in its demo, Google Bard AI has emerged as a strong contender to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The public beta release of Bard has unveiled a range of promising features that position it as a worthy competitor. With access to real-time data using Google Search, Bard outperforms its rivals by providing consistently accurate information.

Additionally, Bard’s built-in voice search capability offers enhanced accessibility compared to ChatGPT. The availability of free internet access through Bard sets it apart from ChatGPT, which requires a subscription for internet connectivity.

Moreover, Bard’s ability to deliver location-relevant results and its unique drafts feature further enhance its user experience. Overall, despite its initial setback, Google Bard AI showcases remarkable potential and merits serious consideration as an AI chatbot solution.

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