Users report Green/Pink line issues on Samsung Galaxy S21 after May update 2023

For over two years, the Samsung Galaxy S21 line has been renowned for its high-end specifications and exceptional cameras. However, after installing the May update, several users have reported a serious problem. The pink/green line that was previously an issue for Galaxy S20 devices has now appeared on Galaxy S21 devices following the latest update.

Users report Green/Pink line issues on Samsung Galaxy S21

Within the Samsung community, a member reached out for technical support regarding an issue with a pink line appearing on their Galaxy S21 Ultra device. In response, they were advised to replace the display, which would incur an approximate cost of £380.

Users report Green/Pink line issues on Samsung Galaxy S21
Green/Pink line issues on Samsung Galaxy S21

Notably, a significant 80% of users in the comment section expressed experiencing the same problem, implying the possibility of a hardware or software defect. Additionally, another user shared their encounter with a pink line on their Galaxy S21 Plus following the installation of the May update, sometimes even encountering multiple lines. Numerous similar reports concerning this matter can be found on Samsung’s official forums.

Consumers have reported problems with their device screens before. For example, users stated that a green line appeared on the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s display following a system update. These repeated issues indicate that the appearance of pink or green lines on the display could be linked to software updates.

This kind of problem is not exclusive to the Galaxy S21 series and has previously affected users of the Galaxy S20 lineup. Following numerous complaints, Samsung provided free display replacements to those affected. Now, the question arises whether the South Korean company will follow the same policy once again.

Samsung should thoroughly investigate the issues related to the May update for the Galaxy S21 series. They need to offer a clear explanation to users and ensure the safe installation of the update. Additionally, they should guide users who are experiencing problems with faulty screens. Customers who have invested a significant amount of money in these devices deserve a reliable product that meets their expectations.

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