Types of Instagram Posts That Get the Most Likes

Types of Instagram Posts That Get the Most Likes
Anyone who has used Instagram for several years knows that certain pictures get a better reception than others! It’s understandable that we want a lot of likes when we post a photo on the image sharing app, but what are the types of photos that usually guarantee a good level of success? After you’ve understood how to get more followers, you’ll then need to keep them satisfied by always posting great pictures! These are categories which always do well on Instagram.


Cute dogs and cats are a surefire way to keep your followers happy and engaged with your images. Everyone loves a Shiba Inu pulling off a silly face or a feline friend giving the camera an endearing look (remember how popular the Doge and Grumpy Cat became). Some people even make accounts specifically for their pets, as sometimes they become more famous than their owners!


If you’ve worked hard at making your body look great, then why not show it off? Getting a slim tummy or a fantastic six-pack is hard work, but with the photos on Instagram, your followers can see all the effort you’re going through and encourage you to keep going. It’s worth it in the end.


Food is definitely one of the most popular categories on Instagram. When you’ve created your very own meal from scratch, then it’s always fun to see the reaction of your followers. Do they think it looks tasty? If you make it look appealing on the plate and shoot the image in good lighting, then they are bound to like the photo – perhaps even ask you for the recipe!


Although it might seem painfully simple, taking a picture of a well-organized scene can be very soothing to the eye. If you’re about to pack for a holiday, simply arranging everything you’re taking into neat, easily discernable piles is something that is trending on Instagram and resulting in a lot of likes. The same can be done if you’re packing your bag for sports or anything else you can think of. Make it look neat and tidy and shoot from a bird’s eye view, preferably with the items placed on a table, a bed, or the floor.


When it gets close to special occasions like Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, get in the mood and take pictures inspired by those events! Wear a Santa hat or rabbit ears in a photo, or even document the process of carving a pumpkin. People will be looking out for these pictures closer to the time, so be aware of which special occasion is coming up!


Sure, you might have to get up early for the sunrise or time your day perfectly to get the sunset, but these images are truly memorable and people love them. If you can take one of these photos far away from the city, then even better! These images usually look amazing in pure nature, like a forest or in the mountains.

Black and white

Although black and white photos have been around for more than 100 years, there is something so beautiful about dark and light shades. Portraits of yourself or others and cityscapes are often the things that look best in black and white, but you should experiment and see what you think would look great in B&W. You can either use Instagram’s native editing tools to turn the image into black and white, or make use of advanced features in other popular editing apps that are worth knowing.


People always love to find new fashion trends and tips, so if you think you’ve got a penchant for style, then prove it in the photos! You could photograph your outfit every day, so that your followers will come to expect a snazzy and cool look that could inspire them.

So, don’t delete that Instagram just yet! Use these tips to gain more followers and receive higher likes on your images.