Top 6 Best Free Screen Recorders for Windows, Mac & Linux (2024)

Whether you’re recording software or games to share with others on YouTube, or streaming video games to twitch or some other service, thankfully there is no shortage of free screen recording software for you to choose from. So today, I’ll tell you the top 5 best screen recorders that you can use for free to capture high-quality video from your computer. I’ll also go over the pros and cons of each service.

Top 6 Best Free Screen Recorders for Windows, Mac & Linux (2024)
Top 6 Best Free Screen Recorders for Windows, Mac & Linux (2024)

6 Best Free Screen Recorders for Windows, Mac & Linux (2024)

6. Gemoo Recorder

Gemoo Recorder is a screen recording solution that allows users to capture, save, manage and share their recordings. The platform comes equipped with a range of features, including annotation tools, background filters, video categorization, recordings storage, and more.  This can be especially useful for creative professionals, such as video makers, teachers, designers, writers and others who need to make a screen recording.

By recording your screen, you can capture your ideas during brainstorming meetings, collect important information from online classes, establish a knowledge basis on your own, which enables you to revisit them later and work on them. 

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5. TinyTake

It is a freemium screen recorder that will let you record short videos and capture screenshots. They offer editing tools that allow you to mark up your screenshots and videos with the text box, arrow, picture caption, along with other devices. When you’re done recording, your videos can be saved locally to your hard drive. They can also be saved to TinyTake’s cloud storage service.

TinyTake does not have watermarks, but unfortunately, some of their features are reserved for their premium plans. The free basic plan also has a video recording limit of 5 minutes and only allows up to 2 GB of storage with their cloud service. If you require additional features that are not locked behind a paywall, one of the other screen recorders mentioned in this article may work better for you. But if you’re someone that doesn’t require many features, and you want an easy to use screen recorder, TinyTake is available for Windows and Mac.

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4. FlashBack Express

It does not have any time limits or watermarks. Videos can be captured in full screen by selecting a window or by choosing an area of your screen. They do have a pro version of the software with advanced editing features, but if you already have a reliable video editor that you use, then the Express version will be all that you need.

FlashBack Express is available for Windows XP or newer and to use it they required that the short form be filled out and they’ll send you a free license. Near the end of last year, they released a free screen recorder specifically for gamers called “FBX.” It has many cool features including being able to record up to 120 frames per second. Right now FBX is entirely free.

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3. Nvidia ShadowPlay & Radeon ReLive

At number three I’ll mention two different programs that are graphics card specific. First of which is Nvidia shadowplay, which is only available to owners of GeForce graphics cards. You can record footage to be saved to your computer or stream games to twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

The other program is for those of you with AMD Radeon graphics cards, and it’s called Radeon ReLive. Just like the other program, it can also record your gameplay and stream to popular services. If your PC has a Radeon or GeForce graphics card, these are two excellent programs that you should check out.

More Information – Nvidia ShadowPlay Radeon ReLive

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2. iSpring Free Cam

It is 100% free with no watermarks, time limits or nag screen stub grade. This software is one of the most accessible screen recorders you can ever use. It even has an audio and video editor built in to remove background noise for any parts of the video that you don’t need. While there’s a single click feature to upload videos to YouTube is convenient.

There are two primary reasons why it’s not number one, videos can only be exported in WMV format, and the highest video quality is limited to 720p. Other than that iSpring Free Cam is one I’d recommend to those of you looking for an easy to use screen recorder. It’s only available for Windows. To download, you have to enter an email address, and it doesn’t have to be a real email account then click on free download to be directed to the download page.

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1. OBS Studio

It is open-source and completely free. You can use it to record your screen, that can be saved to your system. Many use it to stream content to the various live streaming services. With OBS you can record up to 60 FPS, and there are no forced watermarks. Compared to many of the screen recorders that you can use, the learning curve is slightly higher, and the interface is not that user-friendly for newbies.

For those reasons I am planning to post an article on beginner’s guide for OBS, it should be published very soon. OBS studio is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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