Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working: 10 Fixes

Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working: The excitement of receiving your eagerly awaited Steam Deck can be dampened when the tracking number doesn’t seem to be working as expected. Tracking numbers are essential for monitoring the progress of your shipment.

How To Fix Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working

In this article, we’ll delve into the common reasons why Steam Deck tracking numbers might not work and provide you with a comprehensive guide to troubleshoot and resolve the Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working issue.

Reasons Why Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working

  • Processing Time: After receiving a tracking number, there might be a delay before the shipping carrier updates the tracking information. This delay is often due to processing time before the package is actually in transit.
  • Carrier Update Frequency: Some shipping carriers update their tracking information less frequently than others. This can lead to tracking numbers not showing progress in real-time.
  • Incorrect Number Entry: Mistyped or incomplete tracking numbers can prevent accurate tracking. Double-check the number for accuracy and ensure there are no spaces or additional characters.
  • Early Stage of Shipment: In the early stages of shipping, the package might not have been scanned by the carrier yet. This can result in tracking information not being available.
  • Technical Glitches: Occasionally, technical glitches on the carrier’s website or the tracking system itself can lead to inaccurate or non-functional tracking information.

How to Fix Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working:

Here are 10 ways to Fix Steam Deck Tracking Number Not Working:

1. Wait and Retry

If you’ve recently received the tracking number, give it some time before checking again. Processing delays are common in the initial stages of shipment.

2. Check Carrier’s Website

Visit the official website of the shipping carrier (such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) and enter the tracking number directly on their platform for the most accurate updates.

3. Contact the Carrier

Reach out to the shipping carrier’s customer service for assistance. They might be able to provide more information about the tracking status.

4. Review Email Notifications

Review any email notifications or communication from the retailer or Steam regarding your order’s shipping status.

5. Verify the Tracking Number

Ensure that you’ve entered the correct tracking number and that there are no spaces or special characters in the entry.

6. Consider the Package Handover Time

Confirm with the retailer or Steam when the package was handed over to the carrier. Tracking information might not be updated immediately after this handover.

7. Explore Alternate Tracking Services

Some third-party tracking websites aggregate information from various carriers. Trying a different tracking service might provide more up-to-date information.

8. Use Multiple Devices

Sometimes, accessing tracking information from a different device or browser can resolve compatibility issues.

9. Monitor for Updates

Regularly check the carrier’s tracking page for updates, as the information might get updated after a certain interval.

10. Seek Retailer/Steam Support

If all else fails, reach out to the retailer or Steam’s customer support for guidance. They might be able to provide insights or escalate the issue to the carrier.

Remember, troubleshooting a Steam Deck tracking number takes patience and persistence. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of resolving any issues and staying informed about your Steam Deck’s shipping progress.


The journey of eagerly anticipating your Steam Deck can hit a bump when tracking numbers don’t work as expected. By understanding the potential reasons behind non-functional tracking numbers and following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you can navigate through the technical hiccups and ensure that you stay informed about your Steam Deck’s shipping progress, ultimately leading to a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

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