Microsoft Targets Edge Users Visiting Google Bard Using Bing Ads

Microsoft Targets Edge Users Visiting Google Bard Using Bing Ads: Microsoft is making a concerted effort to sway users towards using Bing AI instead of Google’s experimental AI chatbot when accessing Google Bard through the Edge browser. Developer Vitor de Lucca noticed this change and shared it on Twitter.

According to Vitor de Lucca’s statement, when launching Bard on Microsoft’s Edge browser, users will see a button that allows them to compare answers with Bing’s AI. However, attempting to use this feature triggers an animated slide in the upper right corner, encouraging users to compare answers with the new AI-powered Bing. This suggests Microsoft’s ongoing campaign to persuade users to opt for Bing over Google’s experimental AI chatbot.

Microsoft Targets Edge Users Visiting Google Bard Using Bing Ads

Following the animated slide, the text shifts to the right, revealing a Bing icon that users can click on to activate Microsoft Edge’s new split view feature. This allows users to compare answers directly. However, it’s important to note that this feature is currently exclusive to version 114.0.1807.1 of the Microsoft Edge developer build, meaning not everyone can test it yet.

Microsoft, previously overshadowed, is now dedicating all its resources to the new Bing. Despite a rough start, the revamped assistant has made significant progress, offering more accurate information and even sassy responses. Microsoft’s relentless efforts to enhance the Bing experience are evident, particularly in their promotion to Edge users as a credible alternative to Google’s experimental AI chatbot.

Recently, Microsoft introduced a groundbreaking feature for its chatbot, allowing it to generate images using an advanced version of OpenAI’s DALL-E deep learning model. Users can describe what they want to see, and Bing generates a corresponding image within seconds. This showcases Microsoft’s commitment to advancing AI technology and improving Bing’s chatbot capabilities.

For Bing preview program participants, Bing Image Creator will seamlessly integrate into Bing Chat’s Creative mode. Users can describe an image they want and provide details like location or art style. Bing Image Creator’s AI algorithms then generate matching images.

Furthermore, Microsoft plans to integrate Bing Image Creator directly into the Edge browser. Once available, Edge users can click on the Bing Image Creator icon in the sidebar to start generating images. They simply input their desired description and click “Create,” highlighting Microsoft’s dedication to enhancing AI capabilities and empowering users to achieve creative goals efficiently.

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