[LOOT] Get Free Rs. 5 Paytm Cash in 1 Minute (Power Play Quiz Answers)

Today I will tell you about a new offer proposed by PayTm so-called “PayTM Power Play Quiz,” In which you can get Rs. 5 PayTm cash within 1 minute for absolutely free. All you have to do is answer ten simple questions correctly; if you answer all ten questions correctly, you will get Rs. 5 PayTm cash in your PayTm Wallet instantly and Minimum of Rs. 1 if your some answers got right. And the best part is in this post I will also tell you how you can answer all the questions correctly with ease. So let’s get started –

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What is PayTm Power Play Quiz?

The Power Play Quiz By Quizwin is associated with PayTM, Users just need to answer 10 simple Questions (General Questions) Once you score 10/10, you will have instantly Rs.5 in your PayTm Wallet. If any of the answers got wrong, then you will get only Rs. 1.
[LOOT] Get Free 5 Rs. Paytm Cash in 1 Minute (Power Play Quiz Answers)

How to Get Free Rs. 5 PayTm Cash (Power Play Quiz Answers)

Follow these steps –

  1. First visit power play quiz page here
  2. Click on “Play Now & Win”
  3. You will be asked to login with your paytm account. Just log in with your existing account or create a new PayTm account.
  4. After successful login, your quiz will start, and you just need to answer some simple questions or identifying the images shown and select the relevant answer.
  5. Once you attempt All 10 Questions and answer them correctly, You will have free Rs.5 Paytm Cash instantly in your PayTm Wallet.

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How You Can Answer all Power Play Quiz Questions Correctly?

In Power Play Quiz you will be asked with 10 simple questions or you will have to identify the images shown and select the relevant answer. So the question is how you can give correct answer of all the questions? well its pretty simple, you will have a lot of time to answer them there is no restriction of time to answer, so for simple questions, you can search with google for their answers but what with Identifying Images?
Well the answer for this too is Google, You can search images too in google, just download the image that you have to identify and upload it at Google Images to search details about that image (Search by Image), Like in quiz you have been asked to identify the flag shown in the image you can simply download the copy and upload it at Google Images and you will have your answer.

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