Jetpack AI – AI Content Writer for WordPress 2023

Since the Jetpack AI Tool was launched, the Jetpack AI team has been paying close attention to users’ feedback. They are thrilled to let you know that now, not only can you create new content, but you can also use the AI Assistant to revise and improve your existing blocks in the WordPress Editor. This release also includes the new Tock Block, as well as many other improvements and bug fixes.

What is Jetpack AI

The Jetpack AI is an AI-Based Content Writer and editor for WordPress that will help you to in editing your content more efficiently and customise it to your needs.

Imagine you have a paragraph or block of content that you feel could be more engaging or better represent your thoughts. Now, with just one click, the Jetpack AI Assistant can help you improve that content, all within the familiar setting of the WordPress Editor.

Jetpack AI Feature

The integration of this new Jetpack AI in WordPress comes with several features.

1. Efficient Content Improvement

Rather than starting all over again, let the AI Assistant assist you in enhancing your current content, saving you both time and energy.

2. Quality Improvement

 AI-assisted editing can help refine the language and tone of your content, making it more captivating for your readers.

3. Multiple Block Editing

The enhanced version of Jetpack AI has been specifically developed to operate seamlessly when multiple paragraphs are selected, thereby simplifying the process of editing substantial portions of your content simultaneously.

How To Enable and Use Jetpack AI

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Update your Jetpack to the most recent version.

Step 2: Go to the WordPress Editor within your wp-admin.

Step 3: Choose the paragraph or block you want to edit and look for the AI Assistant logo in the “tools” group.

Jetpack AI Tool


In conclusion, the Jetpack AI Assistant is a powerful tool that allows you to revise and improve your existing blocks in the WordPress Editor. With efficient content improvement, quality enhancement, and the ability to edit multiple blocks at once, the Jetpack AI Assistant saves you time and energy while ensuring captivating content for your readers. Enable and use the Jetpack AI Assistant by updating your Jetpack to the latest version and accessing it from the WordPress Editor.

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