How Truecaller Works ? How to Delete Your Number from Truecaller ?

How Truecaller Works How to Delete Your Number from TruecallerHello friends,
Today I am going to tell you about a program that allows you to find contact details by globally given names or other details. This program, the so-called Truecaller, is available for both Android and iOS, as well as other platforms.

So, How Truecaller works? How does Truecaller get its Data?

Truecaller works on Crowd Sourcing, it gets the information from its global telephone directory. It’s collected from millions of people who have created their account on this system.

After downloading, the program asks the user to give it access to the user’s contacts on his phone. Then it gets uploaded on the company’s server. This is how your information becomes visible to thousands of other users.

So, even if one person who has your contact in his phone signs up in Truecaller, all the users can easily find you through the database.

Among all the pros of using this program, like letting other people quickly find you without calling dozens of people asking about your name (you know that feeling, right?), here is where rises the main concern – privacy.

What if I don’t want to let the service use my number?

If you don’t want anyone see your phone number on this service, then simply ask all of your friends to never use this app. But if it happens, then it’s not a big deal – you can easily unlist your number from Truecaller’s database. Though you’ll still have to spend some time on it. And even after it, your number will be deleted only within 24 hours. Quite a lot of time, no?
By the way, here is the link for it:

Public concerns:

Truecaller was banned from UK because of its privacy settings. As you can clearly see now, when a user accepts the terms (after downloading the app) and his contacts are synced, it doesn’t mean that all of his friends, colleagues, and family have agreed to put their numbers in the database. Of course, many people are dissatisfied and we all are possibly looking forward for future region limitations.

What can it do, except finding people’s number?

Well, at least here they’ve got some features:

  • It can block all calls starting with the same number. Now you can stop all these call centers and shop assistants, selling things via phone calls.
  • There’s a system of stopping spammers. All users are recommended to verify their accounts and get Truecaller’s “Verified” badge.
  • You can even stop people who try to hide their identity by calling from “Unknown numbers”.
  • And finally, Truecaller app works even when you don’t have internet on your device. After the caller was identified by the service once, the program will later identify the caller for you without internet connection.

Truecaller has its pros and cons, but it will definitely find its auditory (already has). Have you ever used this app? Let us know in the comments below what you think is the best and the worst in this service.