How to Use Spotify in India and Other Countries Where it is Unavailable

How to Use Spotify in India and Other Countries Where it is Unavailable 2018
Spotify has gained a lot of fans all over the world. However, the problem is the availability of Spotify in different countries. If you are outside of USA and UK or any other country, where the access of Spotify is not available, then you may feel frustrated. Spotify is famous because of multiple services it offers like video streaming, music and podcast. You can enjoy free streaming contents. If you want then you can buy the packages like platinum cards. The problem is not only for the people outside of Spotify access countries. The problem also arises for those, who travel to foreign countries. Indians too tried to access Spotify but failed because the Spotify services in India are not available as there are no servers for Indian customers. How to use Spotify in India? This question needs to be answered. The question is applicable to all other non-Spotify countries.

Good news for Indians

If you are one of the biggest fans of Spotify, then this news is good for you. According to the reports and the information available on the ministry of corporate affairs, Spotify has opened its branch in India. The address is from Mumbai. It is yet not clear, whether the Spotify will launch its services this year or next year. The server setup will take time. Soon, we will see Spotify services in India. The price point of services is a topic of debate and consideration. You might have searched on the internet to find answer to the question “how to use Spotify in India”. We will help you to find different ways to download and use the software or the application. Until they launch the services in India, you can use following methods to use the application on different platforms. The platforms may be Android, Windows or iOS. Let us look at some of the methods.

How to Get Spotify Using Virtual Private Network (VPN)

First and the best way to use the Spotify is to use virtual private network or the VPN servers. Privacyforkorea is one of the best VPN which you can use. You need to select a service, which includes all or some countries, which have Spotify servers in them. In the sense, they should have countries, which allow Spotify access. Here is how you can access Spotify through VPN.

  1. You can select any of VPN services for Spotify. Opera browser has its own VPN service and it is free. You can also check Chrome extensions and apps for the free VPN services for Spotify.
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  2. If you want, you can buy VPN premium services for uninterrupted and high-speed server access.
  3. Connect the server to either USA or UK for better results.
  4. When you see server connected, go to the website of Spotify.
  5. Select login and use login details (only for foreign users in India with foreign Spotify account)
  6. If you do not have foreign account then you can purchase a virtual card for Spotify. It is like platinum services.
  7. For virtual card for Spotify, you need to create a global card from your bank but it should be issued with US law. If you have it then it is easy to activate your Spotify account. If you do not want that then you can use PayPal services to buy. If you do not have, PayPal then ask your friend in US or UK to buy it for you. You can also use the Entropay virtual cards to do buy the Spotify services. You can even use Spotify on different devices through VPN.
  8. If you do not want all of that, then select your Facebook as a sign up option. However, select Facebook location access to USA.
  9. Allow spotify to access your facebook information like email address, public profile etc.
  10. Make sure you keep your VPN connected.
  11. Now go back to Spotify and Log In with Facebook.
  12. You can use the VPN to access Spotify in Android and iOS as well. For that, you need to install Spotify app in offline mode. It can’t be installed directly from the Play Store as it is not available in your country. You can use some other websites like uptodown or Apk Downloader to download it.
  13. Use VPN to connect to the US or UK. Then open the app and use any of the login methods mentioned above.
  14. The important thing is, you need to mention the valid pin code from USA. Else, your account will not be activated. In iPhone, you can create new id to use the Spotify. However, this new id should include location of a city in USA. You can even use ZenMate to login using same procedure.

Note: Personvernpanettet can help you to use Spotify in India and other countries. You can also use the proxy to unblock Spotify and other applications.

How to Use Spotify Through modded applications

Yes, you can use the modded applications to access Spotify in Android and iOS. It will solve you how to access Spotify in India problem. However, there is a risk of identity theft, criminal case etc. You need to be careful in that matter.

How to Access Spotify Through Extension

There are some extensions like Spotify extensions, which allows you to directly connect with Spotify. These extensions are free but they are unstable. All you need to do is search for any active Spotify extension to use it for your direct access. These are the answers for “how to use Spotify in India”.