How to Use Google Bard AI In Gmail (‘Help Me Write’) 2023

In Today’s Tutorial, You Will Learn How to Use Google Bard AI In Gmail Mainly Known as (‘Help Me Write’) Google has introduced a new tool called “Help me write” to Gmail. This tool uses artificial intelligence to help you write professional emails quickly. It can also draft responses by considering the entire conversation.

This means that Gmail’s AI email writer tool can take care of the tedious task of responding to emails for you. To learn how to enable and Use ‘Help Me Write’ AI Tool In Gmail to Compose Emails, you can follow a tutorial. 

How to Use Google Bard AI In Gmail To Compose Mail

Before proceeding to our Main Topic “How to Use Google Bard AI In Gmail ” Let me clarify that Actually there is No Way to Use Google Bard AI In Gmail To Compose Mail but in Gmail, there is another Integrated Tool called ‘Help Me Write’ AI Tool which acts Like Google Bard AI In Gmail To Compose Mail.

Now Just Follow Our Step-By-Step Guide on How To Use Google Bard AI In Gmail To Compose Mail Menetiopned Below:

Step 1: To use the Use Google Bard AI In Gmail Mainly Known as “Help me write” tool in Gmail, you first need to sign up for Google Workspace Labs. You can do this by Clicking Here

How to Use Google Bard AI In Gmail
Sign Up

Step 2: After signing up for Google Workspace Labs, you will receive an email confirming that you have been granted access to Duet AI for Google Workspace. 

Step 3: After that, accept the Terms and Conditions and Click on The Submit Button.

Terms & Conditions

Step 4: Here You Will see a Confirmation Message that you can Now Use the “Help me write” feature in Gmail

Confirmation Message

Step 5: Now Open your Mail Box and You will see Message Like this, So here You will need to click on the “Got It” Button To Proceed.

Step 6: Now, click on “Compose” to Compose an email.

Compose Mail

Step 7: Once you have access to the “Help me write” feature in Gmail, you can find the “Help me Write” button in the bottom menu of Gmail. Clicking on this button will reveal Gmail’s AI email writer bar.

Step 8: After clicking on the “Help me write” button, you can enter your text prompt. For example, you can ask the tool to write an email requesting 5 days’ leave or draft a leave application. The tool can help you with many different types of emails.

Gmail’s AI email writer bar

Step 9: And After the Prompt You can see How Efficiently Gmail New AI features have Drafted an email. You can even refine the email response, by using options like Formalize, Elaborate, and Shorten. 

Gmail AI-Generated Email

Step 10: Once you are happy with the draft, simply click on the “Insert” button to have the text inserted into the body of your email message. and then enter the recipient’s address and press “Send” to share the email.


I Hope Now You don’t need to search for How To Use Google Bard AI In Gmail After Reading Thos Post. However, it is important to remember to proofread and edit the email to include the recipient’s and your name before sending it to Someone. 

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