How to Use Freedom GPT [2023]

As the demand for AI language models prioritizing privacy, neutrality, and customization rises, Freedom GPT has emerged as the solution. Developed by AI Capital LLC, a reputable AI venture firm based in Austin, Texas, Freedom GPT is a versatile chatbot serving various purposes, from content creation to marketing and customer service. This article will delve into the myriad benefits and features of Freedom GPT, offering guidance on downloading, installing, and utilizing the Freedom GPT AI model.

What is Freedom GPT

One of the key advantages of Freedom GPT is that it is an open-source AI language model, which means that it minimizes the risk of censorship and allows for free and open communication of thoughts and ideas.

How to use Freedom GPT

This model is highly regarded for its capability to generate accurate and high-quality responses to a variety of prompts, varying from basic queries to more difficult tasks such as writing essays or poetry. Users can access Freedom GPT via the website or download it as a desktop application for convenient use.

Advantages of Freedom GPT

The developers of Freedom GPT have made it their mission to promote open and fair communication, allowing users to explore a broad range of ideas and views without any restrictions.

One of the model’s most impressive features is its capability to generate text that sounds natural and human-like, making it ideal for applications that require natural language processing, such as chatbots for customer service or voice assistants.

Additionally, Freedom GPT stands out for its capability to run locally on any computer, independent of internet connectivity or third-party servers, which provides a high level of privacy and security for all conversations.

How to Download and Install Freedom GPT?

There are multiple options available to download and install Freedom GPT. One method is to visit the FreedomGPT GitHub repository, click the green “Code” button, and choose “Download ZIP” to obtain the application.

After downloading the ZIP file, users can extract it to a folder on their computer and navigate to the extracted directory. From there, they can execute the “yarn install” command to install the necessary dependencies, followed by “yarn start:prod” to launch the application.

Alternatively, users can directly download the FreedomGPT desktop application from the FreedomGPT website. For Windows users, they can download the zip file, extract it to their preferred directory, and then double-click on the “freedomgpt.exe” file to initiate the installation process.

Another option is to download Freedom GPT via Users can download the Electron app and install it on their computer, granting them access to Freedom GPT.

Users can follow the steps below to download and install FreedomGPT

  1. First of all, you need to Visit the FreedomGPT GitHub repository.
  2. Then, Click the green “Code” button and then choose “Download ZIP” to download the application.
  3. Now Extract the ZIP file to a folder on the computer.
  4. Open the extracted folder and run the “yarn install” command to install the dependencies.
  5. Run the command “yarn start: prod” to start the application.
    Alternatively, the user can download the FreedomGPT desktop application from the FreedomGPT website. Users can also download and install the Freedom app/software from the Freedom website.

How to Use Freedom GPT?

Freedom GPT is an AI language model that you can use for things like creating content, marketing, and helping clients. To use it, you need to download the desktop app from the FreedomGPT website. Once it’s installed, you can ask queries and get answers. If you have a company, you can use Freedom GPT to make product descriptions and social media posts.

To download the desktop app on Windows, download the zip file from the website, unzip it into a folder you choose, and click on the “freedomgpt.exe” file. If you have a problem using the online version, try using the desktop app rather.


Freedom GPT is an AI language model that puts privacy, neutrality, and customization first. This makes it excellent for various applications like content creation, marketing, and customer service as it produces responses that are indistinguishable from human language.

Additionally, you don’t need an internet connection to use it, making it extra secure and private. With Freedom GPT, you can be assured that your discussions and content are of high quality and remain hidden.

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