How To Use ChatGPT to Summarize a Book: A Guide

Use ChatGPT to Summarize a Book: ChatGPT is an interesting tool that can be very beneficial if used correctly. However, despite being one of the best in its category, it still has limitations and is not advanced enough to fully replicate the way a human mind functions. As a result, using ChatGPT can have both positive and negative consequences. Nevertheless, you can still try to use ChatGPT to Summarize a Book. Here’s a Guide on how to effectively use ChatGPT to summarize a book.

Step 1: Select The Book

To begin, Select The Book that you want to summarize. You can choose a longer or shorter book, however, it all depends on your requirements. Also, Makes sure that the book should be published before September 2021 because ChatGPT only has knowledge of events that happened before 2021. So If you ask about a book published after 2021, ChatGPT Will not be able to provide accurate information or it may give you false information.

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Step 2: Open The ChatGPT Official Website

Once you’ve chosen the book you want to summarize, open your preferred browser and go to to log in or sign up for an account. An account is required to use the tool, so if you don’t have one yet, you’ll need to create one now. It’s free of charge, so there are no costs to worry about.

Step 3: Enter The Prompt to Summarize the Book

After logging in, you can Enter The Prompt to Summarize the Book by sending a request and typing “Write The Summary Of [book title]”. In my case, I am writing the Summary of a Popular Book Known As Rich Dad Poor Dad. So Here I entered the Prompt Write the Summary Of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. So you can see How ChatGPT Summarised the Book effectively.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary using ChatGPT

Points to Remember

It’s crucial to remember that ChatGPT is not infallible. Despite its advanced nature, it has limitations that will become apparent once you start using the tool. For this reason, you shouldn’t attempt to summarize a book you haven’t read. If the tool fabricates the plot or characters, you may receive incorrect information without realizing it. It’s best to use the tool to refresh your memory of a book you’ve already read.

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Artificial Intelligence Limitation

Regarding limitations, it’s better to get to know the tool before using it to use for summarizing books. Test it out with articles to see how well it can summarize them and make some requests to see how it responds. Become familiar with AI and try to learn about its limitations as much as possible. And always remember the most significant limitation – the tool doesn’t have knowledge of events that happened after September 2021. As this is clearly mentioned By OpenAI Who is the Developer Of ChatGPT

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ChatGPT Limitations

The drawback of Using ChatGPT

If you attempt to use ChatGPT to summarize a book published after 2021, Then ChatGPT Will give you inaccuracies and made-up information. ChatGPT tries to create the plot of the book, but it may also initially seem confused by your request.

However, You can use Other ChatGPT Alternatives To Write The Summary Of Any Books, which offers a range of features for students and professionals that could be useful to both.

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If you want to be cautious, it’s best to use ChatGPT to summarize classic and well-known books. These books often have summaries available online, so the tool may use those and the book itself to create its own summary. This may result in a somewhat disorganized summary, but you can still try asking the tool to summarize a famous work for you and see how well it performs.


In conclusion, ChatGPT is a useful tool for summarizing books, but it comes with limitations and potential inaccuracies. To get the most out of this tool, it’s important to choose a book published before September 2021, create an account, and test it out with articles and books to become familiar with its capabilities and limitations. ChatGPT can be a great tool for students and educators, but it’s important to use it with caution and to remember that it is not a replacement for reading a book in its entirety.

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