How To Trade Amulet In Remnant 2 [Guide]

Trading amulets in the newly launched game Remnant 2 is an exciting feature that allows players to enhance their inventory and firepower. By exchanging amulets with in-game friends and merchants, players can acquire precious items that boost their character’s abilities and improve their chances of winning combat against enemies. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore How To Trade Amulet In Remnant 2, the different types of amulets available, and how to successfully trade them with other players. So, let’s dive in!

What are Trade Amulets?

Trade amulets are items in Remnant 2 that can be exchanged with other players or merchants. These amulets enhance the character’s skills and abilities, providing advantages in combat situations. Amulets can have various features such as greater damage, low stamina cost, and the ability to boost relics. Each character can equip only one amulet at a time, and there are over 58 different amulets that players can collect and upgrade.

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Some of the tradable amulets in the early game include the Talisman of the Sun, Vengeance of Idlo, and Soul Anchor. However, the best amulets to trade for maximum benefits are the Ankh of Power, Toxic Release Valve, and Indignant Fetish. For example, trading your amulet for the Ankh of Power can increase your damages and rewards by 15%. Another useful amulet, the Daredevil’s Charm, increases damage dealt, character rate, and all damage taken for all unequipped vests.

How To Trade Amulet In Remnant 2

Before trading amulets, players need to ensure they have enough amulets to exchange with other players or merchants. Amulets can be obtained via different events, by removing them from the map, buying them from merchants, or beating bosses. Once you have collected enough amulets, follow the steps below to trade them and enhance your firepower.

Step 1: Complete the Quest Line

To initiate the trading process, players must first complete the in-game event called the Quest Line. This event will unlock the ability to interact with local non-player characters (NPCs) who can facilitate the amulet trade.

Step 2: Interact with NPCs

After completing the Quest Line, players should actively seek out NPCs in the game world. These NPCs will approach players and express their interest in trading valuable amulets found in the player’s inventory. Players can identify these NPCs through dialogue prompts or visual cues.

Step 3: Choose the Right Trade

When an NPC proposes a trade, players should carefully evaluate the worth of the amulet they are being offered in return. It is essential to trade only if the offered item is rare or of equal value to the amulet being exchanged. Trading valuable amulets for low-value items may result in a loss of firepower and inventory potential.

Step 4: Confirm the Trade

Once players have assessed the trade and are satisfied with the offered item’s value, they can proceed to confirm the trade. Upon confirmation, the player’s amulet will be exchanged for the agreed-upon item. It is crucial to note that traded amulets cannot be recovered, so choose your trades wisely.

Step 5: Enjoy the Benefits

After successfully trading amulets, players can equip the acquired item to enhance their character’s abilities and increase their firepower. The traded item may provide unique advantages in combat, such as improved damage, increased reload speed, or enhanced defensive capabilities. Be sure to experiment with different traded amulets to find the ones that best complement your playstyle.

The Bottom Line

Trading amulets in Remnant 2 is an excellent feature that allows players to upgrade their inventory and increase their firepower. By exchanging amulets with other players or NPCs, players can acquire valuable items that enhance their character’s skills and abilities. However, it is crucial to evaluate the worth of the offered item before trading to ensure a fair exchange. With this guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge to navigate the world of amulet trading in Remnant 2.

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