How Google Generative AI Improves the shopping experience

Google Generative AI Improves the shopping experience: Alphabet Inc.‘s tech giant has introduced a variety of features that employ generative AI technology. These include helping users determine the fit of clothing items for all body sizes, using search and image recognition to locate products, and exploring travel destinations and planning routes in innovative ways with generative AI.

In an interview prior to the announcement, Maria Renz, Google’s Vice President of Commerce, stated that their goal is to make Google the go-to destination for both consumers and merchants. She emphasized their commitment to an open ecosystem and a healthy web by utilizing this technology to connect merchants with consumers.

How Google Generative AI Improves the shopping experience

Although Google is the world’s leading search engine, it faces competition from Amazon in product searches and research. A CivicScience survey revealed that 46% of US shoppers start their product searches on Amazon, despite Google’s dominance in the search market.

Google recently launched a tool that allows users to try on clothes virtually and visualize how they would appear on their unique body types. This functionality relies on a range of images featuring models with different body types and sizes, covering everything from XXS to 4XL. By doing so, Google aims to enhance the inclusivity of their platform and provide a more well-rounded and comprehensive shopping experience that caters to various body types and sizes. With this feature, users can now get a clearer idea of how clothes will look and fit before committing to a purchase.

Google recently announced a new service that’s powered by their very own image-based AI model. Along with this release, the tech giant has also published a research paper that delves deeper into the inner workings of this cutting-edge technology.

Google recently introduced a new feature that allows users to virtually try on clothes before making a purchase. The technology behind this feature is powered by generative AI, which takes into account different characteristics of clothing such as stretching and wrinkling to produce realistic images. This feature will initially be limited to women’s tops and will be launched in collaboration with retailers such as Anthropologie and Everlane, with plans to include men’s clothing in the future.

In addition to the virtual try-on feature, Google is also exploring ways to improve the search experience with generative AI. The company’s experimental Search Labs product was introduced last month and is aimed at incorporating more diverse and extensive sources of information into the search experience. As users test the service, Google hopes to expand its sources of information and provide a more comprehensive search experience.

These developments are part of Google’s commitment to enhance the overall shopping experience by utilizing generative AI technology. By improving the way users search for and try on clothing, Google aims to establish itself as the go-to destination for consumers and merchants alike. With these new features, users can expect a more inclusive shopping experience that caters to various body types and sizes.

Information source: Bloomberg

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