Check Discord Account Age (Updated 2023)

Check Discord Account Age: If you also use Discord for a very long time, then somewhere you would also want to know what is Discord Age Checker and How to Check Discord Account Age. Discord has made it very easy for gamers to connect with their friends from all over the world via a single centralized system. If you are also a gamer then you should also use Discord.

What is Discord and why do people use it?

Discord is a popular communication platform primarily used by gamers but has since been used by communities. It allows its users to text, voice chat, and video chat with each other in real time. You can also create your own Discord server, which is essentially a server that its users can join and use to communicate with each other.

Check Discord Account Age

Discord is more popular among gamers because it makes it easy for them to talk with each other while playing online games. It is also popular because of its tremendous feature set, which includes voice and video chat, screen sharing, and file sharing. Discord also has a large and active user community that has created a number of custom integrations, bots, and add-ons that further enhance its functionality.

Method to check Discord Account Age

The more you engage in conversation on the server, the more likely you are to encounter some people who act suspiciously. In such a situation, if you know his Discord Account Age, then you can know when that user’s account was created and whether it is worth trusting or not. Is

You can also check the age of someone’s Discord account very easily.

The steps given below will help you to check the age of any account on Discord on your PC. If you have a mobile, then for this you follow the steps given below and you can still use this tutorial. :-

  • Open the Discord app on your PC.
  • Now you go to Server where you can find the account you want to check or search for the account.
  • When you find the account,  right-click on it.
  • Select the “ Copy ID ” option.
  • Search Discord Lookup on any of your browsers and after that, you have to navigate to /.
  • Now here you have to paste the ID in the “ User ID ” box which you had copied.
  • Click on the blue “Lookup” button.
  • Solve the captcha, and you will know immediately when he created his account.

How to check your own Discord Account Age?

There’s nothing easier than checking the age of your own account on Discord. If you also want to know your own Discord Account Age, then for that we have given the following steps:-

  • Open your Discord account key and select “ user settings ” next to your username.
  • Keep scrolling till you find the option “Enable Streamer Mode”. You have to enable this mode.
  • Select “Advanced” and enable developer mode.
  • And after all this, you will know the date when your Discord account was created.

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