5 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Gaming Experience

If you love playing games on your smartphone but sometimes feel like the experience leaves something to be desired, there are a few ways to overcome common gripes.

Here are just a few tweaks and changes to make which could deliver everything from smoother frame rates to snappier connectivity.

Image Source: Pixabay

Kill background apps

While modern mobiles with multi-core chipsets can keep a lot of plates spinning at the same time, even the most powerful models will eventually begin to falter if you overburden them with concurrent processes to deal with.

The easiest answer is to close apps completely when you are not using them, and also delve into your settings menu to make sure that only essential services are allowed to run in the background. This could help improve performance in all sorts of mobile games, ranging from locally installed titles to those running on sites like Casumo.com.

Take off your phone’s cover

If you have your phone protected by a hefty case of some kind, then you might not realise it but this could be harming its performance, especially during intensive, extended sessions of mobile gaming.

This is because the case insulates the phone and can cause it to throttle back on the CPU clock speed if it is getting a bit too toasting in there. Not every handset will suffer this kind of effect and of course you should remember to put your phone case back on when you are not gaming to avoid damaging its fragile exterior, but it is still a tip worth remembering nevertheless.

Use a Bluetooth controller

Touchscreen controls are fine for casual games, but if you want to play more involved interactive titles like first-person shooters and battle royales, your mobile’s display probably won’t be up to the task of keeping track of all your inputs.

Thankfully you can quite easily pair a separate controller with your device, and if you are a gaming fan then you probably already have a few Bluetooth capable pads lying around already. Both Xbox One and PS4 controllers can be hooked up to an iPhone, for example, letting you get all the benefits of analogue sticks and physical buttons, while leaving your phone’s screen free to display all of the action.

Buy a Wi-Fi repeater

If you are playing games online on your mobile, having a fast connection will be necessary to ensure that you can get the most out of the experience. Of course if your router is located in a distant part of the house, or Wi-Fi coverage is patchy for any other reason, this could spoil your play sessions and annoy your teammates.

The answer is to invest in a Wi-Fi repeater kit, of which a variety of brands and models are available. This can effectively boost the signal of your existing network and provide improved speeds in areas where signal drop-out was common in the past.

Upgrade your handset

Eventually even the highest spec smartphones will be rendered obsolete by the frequent fresh editions that manufacturers splurge onto the market each year. OS updates can also make older devices feel even more sluggish, so if your mobile gaming experience is suffering you may have no option other than to upgrade.

The good news is that even mid-range devices on the modern market can pack plenty of impressive performance credentials, with brands like Oppo and Huawei helping to drive down the price of cutting edge mobile hardware. Prioritising processor speed and storage space is a good idea when looking for a new phone when gaming is the main activity you intend to use it for.