5 Best Free Disposable Temporary Email Address Providers (2020)

5 Best Free Disposable Temporary Email Address Providers (2017)
If you consider yourself to be a more or less knowledgeable Internet user, you probably should be familiar with situations where you need to sign up to a website for a forum discussion, but only for one time. After all, a lot of web services today require a registration, both for sending messages and for work, but often there is no need for this e-mail after you’ve completed what was needed. For example, you need to download a file on the website, and you need to register in order to download it. Sounds familiar? Or you need to ask a question, and then just look through the answers.

In general, those are not the only situation where you might want to use a temporary e-mail address. They can be used for instant receipt of your mailbox, for creating an account on any website, or for receiving an activation link. To create such mails, you do not need to come up with a name and a password, as well as any additional information, like the phone number: disposable email services are always there to help you!

Nowadays, there exists a plenty of such services! Therefore, you should not only know about them, but also actively use them.

What is Temporary/Disposable Email Address ? When/How to Use Them ?

Disposable/temporary e-mail services generate real electronic addresses that exist for a limited time (sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes more). The main purpose of this e-mail address is to receive a link to activate the account on a particular resource. During the initial registration, such link is automatically generated. Without activation, access to the account will not be possible, but after activation the email address, strictly speaking, is not needed. Moreover, on suspicious resources there is a great chance that this address can be used to send spam.

How to use one-time mail? Before starting the registration, you should first go to one of the services for receiving a one-time address (you can look them up in Google), and generate such an address there. Generating a one-time address takes very little time, literally a few minutes or even seconds. Now, during the registration after the request for an email address, you will need to enter the temporary address you already received. After the registration is over, an activation code or link will be sent to this address to activate the created account. Now, you will need to log in to the temporary mailbox, make sure that the registration letter is received, click on the activation link and proceed to the created account on a given website. You can literally forget about the created mailbox later.

Though in some cases, you might not want to forget about them. Even though they are called temporary email addresses, some of them will stay online. You can use them in future registrations on other websites. However, often the admins of social networks or websites try to delete the addresses created this way, so it might become a small problem. But in general, it is a very handful tool.

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5 Best Free Disposable Temporary Email Address Providers (2020)

1. Temp-Mail.Org
Temp-Mail is easy to use and powerful temporary email address provider. The best thing is you can customize the email address with your desired name, means if you need the temporary mail again in future you can use the same again. It also provides more then 15 domains to choose from.


2. Getnada.Com
Getnada is also a powerful and easy to use free temporary email address provider. The unique thing about Getnada is that it can support more then one temporary mail at once. You can use as many mails as you want at once. Getnada also provides custom mail address.


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3. 10MinuteMail.Com
10MinuteMail is simple and one of the first free disposable temporary email address provider founded in 2007. It provides random secure email address for 10 minutes, you can increase it more by adding 10 more minutes when needed. It does not provide custom email addresses.


4. TempMailAddress.Com
TempMailAddress is simple and easy to use free temporary email address provider, you can set email expiry from 60 minutes to 2 weeks.


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5. 20MinuteMail.Com
20MinuteMail is also simple and easy to use free temporary email address provider, you can choose your own custom name as email address. It also has unique Recovery Key Feature that you can use to recover email in future or can send to others too by sharing Recovery Key.


Well, I was very happy to talk you again. Do you have any other thoughts about the best temporary email address for you? Leave them in the comments below and have a good day.