17+ Amazing Tips & Tricks to Improve iPhone Battery Life 2018 (How to Save iPhone Battery Life)

17+ Amazing Tips & Tricks to Improve iPhone Battery Life 2018 (How to Save iPhone Battery Life)
Apple has introduced many models over the years with stable software and less heating issues. However, recent products seem to have issues such as heating, performance issues and lagging. One of the biggest culprits is the iPhone battery, which is not as reliable as it used to be. Generally, iPhone offers limited mAh battery compared to the other manufacturers. The biggest question is, has the apple reduced the quality of iPhone battery or the software is taking too much of the power from it? There is no definite answer to this question. But, all you can do is to increase the battery performance of the iPhone through some amazing tips and tricks. It doesn’t matter which iPhone you’re using, iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, 7 plus whatever, it all applies.

17+ Amazing Tips & Tricks to Improve iPhone Battery Life 2018

1. Battery Health (Beta)

Go into the Settings and then go to Battery and now since Apple introduces new Battery Health (Beta) in iOS 11.3.1, you can check the maximum capacity of your battery because you can’t blame the phone for being bad battery if your capacity is low. That just means the physical battery needs a replacement. By the way, you can get at a discount for 30 dollars until the end of 2018 at any Apple store.

2. Temperature

Try not to use iPhone in any temperatures that are below 32 degrees or above 95 degrees because that’s what Apple has claimed, this will actually degrade the battery performance and this is pretty true of any Lithium-ion technology with any product. Lithium-ion technology just doesn’t play well with extreme temperatures, so definitely this is a problem if you’re in extreme temperatures. So just stay out of those and you’ll get great battery life.

3. Background App Refresh

Go to the Settings –> General –> Background App Refresh
and make sure that this thing is turned off. Background app refresh is one of the
first things I always do because I really personally don’t like when background app refresh is on as it consumes a lot of battery power.

4. Disable Auto Brightness

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t give us an easy way to disable the auto brightness in display settings. So what you have to do is go into General –> Accessibility –> Display Accommodations and turn off Auto-Brightness. I hope this will be fixed in iOS 12 but for now, that’s how you do it.

5. Location Services

Go into Privacy and then go into Location Services and turn it off. Only a few
applications use location services but the more applications you do have on your phone, the more there’s going to be. So turn it off unless you absolutely need to use the GPS for whatever the case may be.

6. Use Wi-Fi

Use Wi-Fi whenever possible. Most of us know this is a pretty basic battery tip but I do that
and I just had to mention it there. That’s how I always get good battery life as well. Try to stay off LTE as much as possible on any iPhone.

7. Keep Apps to the Minimum

Keep your apps to the minimum, which means that only keep applications that you actually going to use and don’t download more than you need. So just keep the apps that you’re going to use and don’t have extra apps. It just builds cache in the background and it’s just not a good thing to do if you’re looking to get better battery life.

8. Automatic Downloads and Updates

Go to the Settings –> iTunes & App Stores
you will see Automatic Downloads here. Make sure these are checked off and remember that you do have to update your apps manually if you do this. So once a week maybe go into the App Store and just hit update all and update your applications because you’re going to be disabling it here.

9. Use Static Wallpaper

Make sure that you always have a static wallpaper on the iPhone. Never use dynamic wallpapers because they do eat battery life just as live wallpapers would do on Android.

10. Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

When you turn off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from Control Center, it’s not really off. So you actually have to go into your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi settings and turn it off manually.

11. Auto-Lock

Go to the Settings and then go into Display & Brightness and open Auto-Lock. Make sure that this auto-lock time is at a lower one minute.

12. Motion & Fitness Tracking

Another hidden one is actually located in Privacy. Every iPhone out of the box has the motion and fitness tracking turned on in the Apple health settings and this thing always tracking you wherever you’re walking for fitness. And if you’re not a fitness guru or you’re not using the fitness apps at all, this is eating battery life that you probably had no idea was eating. So just go into your privacy settings, locate motion and fitness and disable that.

13. Limit Ad Tracking

Go back into Privacy, scroll all the way down to the bottom and go to Advertising and disable it. Just click that little toggle and this will save some battery life as well no more ad tracking on your iPhone.

14. Airdrop

Airdrop is very useful and I do recommend using it but when you’re done using it make sure it’s turned off because this can be a serious battery drain if you leave it on all day.

15. Vibrate on Ring

Go into your sound settings and go ahead and turn off vibrate on ring and vibrate on silent as well because vibration is not always necessary. All you need to hear is the sound you don’t need vibration to eat through your battery life if you are trying to get through a long day.

16. Clear Background Applications

You also need to clear applications that are running in the background pretty frequently to make sure that they’re not using any precious battery life in the background. I know a lot of people don’t agree with this, they think that you know leaving apps open doesn’t do anything to battery life but personally I just been doing it for a long time and I’ve seen a tremendous battery results doing that.

17. Low Power Mode

Everybody knows what is low power mode but just utilize that if you don’t want to do a bunch of settings and you want to save battery in a pinch and you don’t got time to think
about what can I disable right now to get through the rest of this day.

That’s it. That’s how you can get amazing battery life on any iPhone. I do all of
these settings and pretty much my iPhone gets me through most of the day. You can also share your awesome battery tips in the comments below on how you’re getting amazing battery life on your iPhone.