13 Digit Mobile Numbers in India? A New Wave of Panic Over Mobile Number Extension to 13 Digits Effecting from July 1st

13 Digit Mobile Number in India? A New Wave of Panic Over Mobile Number Extension to 13 Digits Effecting from July 1, 2018
Recent Telecom newsletter and briefing issued to the telecom companies like BSNL, ZTE, Nokia and all other M2M telecom companies created a lot of panic. Little you know is it will not affect you in any way. The decision taken by the Telecom is under policies created for 2018. Many tweets and news agencies took the news and relayed or posted them without properly educating people. That is why; we have posted this article as an information for you.

Difference between normal SIM and M2M SIM

M2M does not mean mobile-to-mobile communication. It is an abbreviation for machine-to-machine communication. Your mobile comes under PDA or personal digital assistance. Therefore, SIM card you use is not M2M. It is used in devices like home appliances and office machines to control the operation through IoT or internet of things. The machine may be anything like coffee machine, smart grinder, smart vending machine, networked printer, IoT oven, IoT induction cooktop etc. The main difference is these devices use the only M2M sim. They cannot use Wi-Fi as it creates range issues.

Does your mobile number change to 13 digits?

No, it will not. A simple mathematical permutation and the combination will give you an idea about it. There is no need to worry about the issue. Mobile devices are using 10 digit numbers and the total numbers available is much more than the population of India. Therefore, you will not see any changes in it. You can continue to use your number without any increase in its digits. On top of a 10-digit number, we have country code for every country. Therefore, there will be no problem if number overlap or the same number existence.

Will the mobile number will ever get increased in terms of digits?

There is a chance. However, it is near to zero. By increasing a digit, you are creating billions of more combination in the system. With 10 digits, you will have 1000 crore or 10 billion numbers. Our present population is at 125 crores. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

Why 13 digit M2M numbers?

The answer is pretty straightforward. With the help of 13 digits, the telecom companies can clearly distinguish between a mobile number and machine number. It will also reduce any clash in future device subscriptions. Mainly it affects swipe machines, IoT devices and smart appliances. We always have answers. It is we, who are confused or panicked just because we do not have enough knowledge and logical quotient to think. That is why; our site is your companion for long-term assistance. Bookmark us and support us.